We are called to building up women through studying Scripture, sharing Christ, and  fellowship.


This confidential group meets to offer a safe space where stories can be shared and women affirmed and supported. As a church, we acknowledge that surviving trauma is no easy journey. Thus, we hope this group can help each sister in their journey of healing. So, if you have been hesitant to join, that’s okay. Maybe you can just check in on one meeting.

Ellen Rees is the facilitator of this group. Ellen is herself a survivor of violent trauma and abuse, and she is currently pursuing a Masters in Counseling at St. Edward’s University.

The group meets on Mondays at 7:00 PM. Feel free to reach out to Ellen if you have any questions or comments. southaustinellen@gmail.com


Do you feel intimidated by reading ancient texts? Do you desire consistent encouragement to study God’s Word? Does your schedule limit your availability?

There’s a lot that can stand in the way of studying God’s Word. Let’s overcome these challenges by coming together and helping one another study the Bible.

We intentionally keep the sessions low key and start with the basics in studying the Bible: “God’s Word, God’s Spirit, and God’s People.” Instead of studying beforehand and sharing what you learned at the meetings, the meetings are designed to be the start of your study. This means there is no homework aside from the ones you assign yourself. In these sessions, we use some simple strategies like reading aloud, looking up different translations, paraphrasing, meditation, asking good questions, and praying over the passage. While it is not required, feel free to bring your study Bible or commentary; we love it when someone can chime in on difficult sections.

That being said, we will strive to interpret the Bible correctly and learn how to use Bible Study tools. At the same time we will work hard to make sure the study tools do not get in the way of actual spiritual transformation in our lives.

Our Rhythm

Bible Study sessions last for 6-8 weeks with at least 1 week off in between. We plan to alternate between large group sessions (up to 10-12 members) with breakout sessions and small group sessions with a maximum 4 members each.

In the future, we may include “intensives” for those who would like to do a closer study of specific books, using study guides or commentaries.


Multiple dates and times
Format: Small groups in person and online
Leaders: Rhea L, Daniela L, Mallory G, Natalie Y, Marisela S, Yesenia R (Spanish)

Regular registration is now closed, but please contact women@hopeccatx.com to check for any open slots in the existing group.

Materials and Prep

An NIV Bible. Our pastors also recommend this NIV Study Bible.

A notebook. We recommend dedicating one small notebook to this Bible Study (not mixed in with your journal). But you can certainly mix it up as well.

A pen or pencil. A short pencil is better than a long memory, as they say.

Internet access. The large group Bible Studies are held online for now, in support of public health recommendations.


If you’d like to extend your study, check out the Resources section.

There is no homework to complete ahead of time. We will study the passage together. It’s up to you if you want to read or study ahead, but there is no requirement to do so. Just show up with your Bible and a way to write down notes or additional questions for further study or research. (We recommend old school pen and paper so that we limit device distractions.)


The Bible study will start promptly at the agreed time. If you would like to catch up with your group members, please arrive up to 15 minutes early or stay after the study is over.


READING (~15 minutes)
Read aloud the passage twice, once in NIV, once in another version (usually ESV)
Quiet reading (or read a third version out loud)

STUDY PROPER (~40 minutes)
Questions/Discussion (Using “COMA” method from “One to One” by David Helm)

Note: For group studies or 4 people or more, we will break up into smaller groups for the second part of discussion.

MEDITATION (~5 minutes)
Paraphrase one part you want to apply

PRAYER (~15 minutes)
Pray through the passage


Due to Covid-19 we have currently suspended in person gatherings. Email us to know when our next gathering will be.